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(3 Pack )Microwave Potato Bag, Magnolian Corn, Day-old bread, Tortillas Cooker Bag, Washable and Reusable, Red

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Potato Express Microwave Potato Cooker (1)

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KINGZHUO Microwave Home DIY Baked Potato Chips Maker Roaster Snack Maker Set Baking Tray Home Accessories Utensil Kitchen Tools

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10" Reusable Microwave Potato Bag Baker 4-minute Corn Cooker Bag, Set of 2 in Red

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10 Pack Food Storage Lunch Box Set Portion Control Meal Prep Reusable Containers

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This Amazing Microwave Bag Can Bake Potatoes, Warm Tortillas and Even Freshen Stale Bread! The Microwave Bag Is Approximately 11" X 10.5" Which Will Accommodate Several Medium to Large Potatoes. You Can Even Cook Corn on the Cob, and Squash! Bake Your Potatoes in a Fraction of the Time It Takes to Bake Them in a Conventional Oven with This Bag. This Bag Holds Moisture While in Use, Which Aids in the Cooking of Your Potatoes. You'll Have Fluffier and More Tender Baked Potatoes Using the Microwave Bag Instead of the Regular Oven. Up to Four Medium Sized Potatoes Can Be Cooked At Once in This Microwavable Bag. Do Not Leave the Bag Unattended While in Use. Handmade Using 100% Cotton Printed Fabric of Baskets of Fruit, Special Batting and Lined with a Coordinating Solid Fabric That Can Be Used in the Microwave. After Using the Bag, It Will Be Moist; Simply Turn the Bag Inside Out and Let It Air Dry. Each Bag Comes with Instructions. Each Bag Can Be Machine Washed and Dried. A Useful and Practical Gift to Give As a Housewarming Gift, Hostess Gift, or a Gift for Any Occasion.

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Longay 1PCS Potato Planting PE Bags Family Garden Balcony Garden Pots of Organic Vegetables Potatoes Planters Grow Bag (A)

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J&D's Bacon Pop Popcorn, 3 Microwavable Bags, (Pack of 6)

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Pellon Wrap-N-Zap Cotton Quilt Batting, 45 by 36-Inch, Natural


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